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2017 CRF1000 manual w Rally livery
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Hello all-

Bought new red 2017 model (manual clutch) in January 2018. I am very happy with it, particularly the motor and low center of gravity and the narrow seat & tight turning radius.

I am mainly a sport bike guy (grew up on enduro bikes) so adventure biking is new to me. Still getting used to this bike, so comments below are from <1000 mile perspective. This is my 25th motorcycle.

I find the OEM heated grips to be fine (if slightly weak), left grip is not crowded by on/off switch and the integration with dashboard is appreciated.

At 6'1" have been trying to reduce the shoulder and helmet buffeting - 30% improvement (only) with current mods. Still experimenting.

No centerstand - I do not want the extra weight. I will carry an Enduro Star TS3 Trail stand on trips for use on flats, chain oiling.

Have OEM panniers, I normally ride with them off and like the clean look. I think of this bike as a giant enduro bike.

OEM tires are better than expected, I do not have a lot of front end confidence in heavy rain. Sometimes I do miss the grip of my sportbike. I will wear these out and change to something more 60/40.

Added red Alt Rider [edited: lower] crash bars. They look great, are very heavy duty but did alter the feel of the bike at low speed (added weight).

My right foot sometimes feels crowded by lack of heel clearance, but usually it is OK.

Hope to see some of you out there on the trails or the road...

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