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self canceling signals?

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My first bike, an 82 xj650, has self canceling turn signals.. On my newer KLR, which does not self cancel, I'm leaving the indicators on by accident way more often than i'd prefer. I must be spoiled by my 34 yr old hunk of junk ;)

My buddies 990 ktm doesnt have self canceling indicators either.. It's hard to believe any modern bikes lack self canceling turn signals but thats clearly not the case... What gives?

What about the Africa Twin? Self canceling signals or no?

If not, that's pretty disappointing.... Self canceling should be commensurate on a new bike equipped with ABS, traction control, auto clutch & heated grips!

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How did they work on the Yam? Was it a timer system, or did they cancel after a certain distance?

Can't get my head around how else they would work - particularly at speed when we're effectively counter steering to change lanes

AT doesn't have them, nor does it need them - the indicator lights on the dash are up high and absolutely massive. Can't see anybody leaving them on :)
Cool.. a brightly lit dash indicator will go a long ways. thanks for the info..

the XJ650's canceling system is.... well.. ...lets go with, backwards.... it works great until you have to troubleshoot the system, then its a PITA.

The XJ canceling unit has a 10 second timer, AND measures distance via a reed switch attached to the speedometer. Once the indicators are active, 2 conditions must be met for the system to self cancel; 10 seconds must expire, and the reed switch must measure 150meters of distance.

At slow speed, distance is the main driver since 10 seconds will typically expire before traveling 150m.. (e.g. stoplights.)

At highway speed, the timer takes over, since at highway speed you'll likely travel 150m in <10 secs. (e.g. lane changes)

Once both conditions are met, the canceling unit disconnects the circuit.

Its a lot of extra wires and components to make the system work, so like I said.. its a little backwards!
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Hi Slackard,

If you cannot see the signal indicators on the dash of an AT your eyesight is below legal,

I dont OWN an AT. If you had read the OP, you'd know I was inquiring about indicator function. No shops near by have the AT in stock for me to LOOK at, hence my relevant and topical inquiry about indicator function.

Questioning my eyesight or my nationality is totally moot, you... you... (muppet, t*** & c*** come to mind) nice person you.


Edit: I couldn't resist mocking this guy again.... Check your grammar Willegun. Using "...maybe your..." as you have, is improper word usage. Your is a progressive adjective that sits before another word (usually a noun or a pronoun) to show that it belongs to "you." You probably meant to use "...maybe you're..." You're being the contraction of "you are," as in "maybe you are, in fact, the dumb yank!"

Moderators, ban me for harsh language, etc., if you must, but let it be known that I did not cast the first stone :)
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