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Don't worry about it - it's springy by design and that's a good thing! Enjoy the AT - have not (yet) heard of anyone bending or braking the sidestand.It absorbs the forces through flexion, so while it may LOOK flimsy, I believe it is actually very strong. I fly aircraft for a living and observe first hand how a wing design is purposefully made strong, by flexing rather than rigidity. B787 (with a carbon wing) has its wingtip move upwards 28 feet when rotating at MTOW, compared to the position of the wingtip referenced to the fuselage when sitting still at the ramp with the wing full of fuel!.

I tend to think this may be true because I had an occasion where I got stuck down a rocky alley and decided to turn back, but the only way I could do it was by doing a trail U-turn (lifting the back wheel and spinning the bike around on the side stand). Boy, oh boy, did that side stand flex and twist, but it didn't break and I got the bike turned around.

1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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