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Ok guys from the EU, and NA guys too. I have this crazy idea. I want to add fog lamps to my USDM '20 ATAS, but I am a picky ******* and I want to tie it in with the FN button the same way the EU guys are able to (using the SCS to add the function of course). I know that on my USDM bike, that is not an option. Beyond just the body control module not allowing it, I know there is a segment of wire missing on the output of the BCM. I am a tech by trade, so adding a wire, correctly crimping a pin, etc is childs play.
What I need to know, is if the BCM requires any sort of initialization or programming, or is it just plug and play? What other differences would I likely encounter/expect? I've heard under heavy braking, the EU bikes will flash the brake lamp. True? False?
I have found EU shops that will sell the BCM, so that's no issue. I have plans to get around the 11w cap on fog lamps, but I still need that trigger for activation, and I most definitely want them to work through OEM controls. I don't like extra buttons. I've searched, came up dry. I may be the only one dumb/crazy enough to try this. Chime in with thoughts or insights if you can. I would appreciate sponging as much as I can.
If it works, I'll definitely do a writeup. It's not the cheapest route, but the level of integration I am hoping for should tickle all the right spots in my ape brain.
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