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2022 Africa Twin Manual. R380B.
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I am NOT in USA. But it is worth, to try to ask a Honda Dealer Technician, if they can, somehow, access the software programming area of the Service Department, and download the firmware from the EU bikes to the NA bikes.
I know, is a long shot, but nothing is lost only asking.
Me too will love to have the original integration as the OP desires.
The other problem IS: Eu bikes have Immobilizer. HISS. Honda Integrated Security System.
Then....... I think the BCM will keep looking from the Signal from the Transceiver, or Key Antenna, to give OK to fuel and start the engine.
Then, I think can win in the fog lamps side, but have to fight the Immo problem, to somehow too, disable/by-pass to be able to start the engine?

Grrrrrrr. To much complications.

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