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SOLD: Bosleys Foot Pegs and brake pedal tip

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These are a solid pair of stainless steel foot pegs that have a wider more secure foot bed and if I remember correctly these have a 20mm lower and 15mm set back from the stock foot pegs, incredibly solid secure and comfortable to stand up on if your 6ft and a bit like me, they offer a better reach to the bars.
The brake tip is larger than the stock tip in order to give a firm pedal press. Please note that the stock brake tip is riveted onto the alloy brake lever and needs to be cut off, I used a dremmel to pop the rivet head off the back side of the lever, also the Bosley brake tip came with a captive bolt welded in and when I removed it the steel bolt sheared off as it had corroded solid in place in the alloy lever, unavoidable due to the two different metals and road grime. I have however drilled this bolt out and replaced with a M6 flat flange head hex bolt with a nylock nut, as good as new really, (see pics)

Again these items are used but are solid and in good condition.
They cost me £115
Asking £75 plus whatever the postage is.
UK sale only.
Paypal payment only thank you
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