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Standing riding position improvement

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Hi team. I love my AT. I actually believe it’s the best bike I’ve owned for all round riding I have ever had. And I’ve had over 20 bikes in 30 years.
However , I want to know how owners have gone about improving the standing riding position. My 2017 AT manual transmission has me standing too straight up and down which means when negotiating an up hill or up slope off road terrain,all my weight is pulling back on the bars, and I am less in control of the bike. I’ve risen a few of the Orange bikes and their standing position for off road is perfect, natural, and neutral on the bike, allowing the rider to move body weight and balance through turns, incline, decent.
the lovely AT however does not have a big enough triangle between feet, and hands. I’ve adjusted bars as far forward as I can, raised and lowered, but the end result is not good enough. Has anyone overcome this “overly upright “ standing position? Cheers
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I have not ride the oranges but for me (1.80mt or 5.9) the AT is a joy to ride upright, the best I've tried
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Colin, I know this may be a silly question but if you bought you bike used, maybe the previous owner installed handlebar risers.
that was the first thing Installed on my AT. i install risers on all my bikes.
im 6.2 and prefer sitting more upright and standing a little more upright.
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I use the Camel ADV Bridged Riser...stiffens up the bars and prevents torquing them when I dump it. It also makes standing for longer a duration more comfortable.

That said, I'm only 5'10" but find that it's nice to stand upright at times and give the legs a break from the weight forward, knees bent/athletic stance when really pushing hard off-road. The riser makes this more comfortable. I've never ridden a KTM so I can't compare.
I'm in a similar boat...the standing position on this bike is the worst for me and the previous owner of my bike installed a GPR steering dampener which comes with risers bringing the bars 1" higher, compounding the problem. I'm considering removing the dampener and finding bars with a lower rise and sweep. I need a more aggressive standing position to get through technical spots.
I e just bought a 1100 and find when climbing hills off road it feels like I’m pulling really hard on the bars
Willy uses a 20mm riser and has reversed the handlebar mounts a la Bret Tkacs.

The setup is almost perfect. As tall as I am (198 cm) I still have to bend slightly to get a full grip.
(+1) on the 20 mm riser.
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