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On the grease nipple project....
So I bought a very good second hand unit to work on, and would comment on the lack of grease in these units is quite surprising.
The hardened shaft pushes out easily.
Extraction of the needle roller bearings x 2 on the U shaped ally wishbone, is not an obvious removal. The rollers and retaining cage are easy, but the outer bearing sleeve is not . Having read up on other owners attempts, due to the constricting narrowing within the casting prevents any similar size drift to literally push said bearing out.
So by mig spot welding a mild steel nut (M10) within the sleeve, screw in a long M12 stud and then it’ll press out.
Replacement bearings with a seal at one of each bearing end is around £34 for the two.
I just now need to find a way of posting a few pictures......this bit I struggle with...😕 help required please.
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