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Tank cover's Baglux etc

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Does anyone know if there are any tank covers available yet.
Bagster/Baglux usually do covers that you clip a tank bag to.

Makes touring with a tank bag easy. Nothing actually touching the tank every time you have to take the tank bag of to refuel.

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Got mine yesterday
I love bagster stuff knowing tank is protected nice embroidered Africa twin logo too
Can you put a picture please?

Will do, as soon as I get it fitted broke my finger yesterday, tried to fit it today kept knocking my finger trying to thread straps through.
Might have to wait till swelling goes down a bit. :frown2:
Another angle, sorry don't know I had to get mine from Deutschland
As no UK suppliers had any.
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They don't
I converted a Kreiga tank harness by buying bagster spare parts, 2 lengths of 25mm webbing 1 length of 38mm webbing I had knocking around the garage.
This gives me the ability to put a larger Kreiga bag on if I want to.
Doesn't interfere with steering as its well back on the tank.
1 - 7 of 27 Posts
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