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The Adventures of True Ad Venture

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Here's my vote ;)

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Beautiful! And out of interest do you how many litres that bag is?
It's 50 liters. Sold on Amazon at this link
Thanks True, I am also looking at the Oxford Aqua 50l dry bag, but was wondering if it would 'flop' over the edges of the rear grab handles, but it doesn't look like it would, and I should get all my stuff in one no problems.
There are a couple things I really like about the BMW bag in addition to it being waterproof. First ,it has a hard plastic base tray (which is removable) that keeps the bottom from drooping. Second, is it fastens using clips at the bottom of the bag so no need to secure it with bungee cords and the contents are easily accessible. The straps can stay on the bike when the bag is removed, and several sets are provided which is nice if you own more than one bike.
Is this the latest version? It's blue too so might match the seat on the tri (sort of)...

There's also this:

Less capacity, not quite as waterproof overall but perhaps more usable generally (for me)?

Washryc recommended the TT pillion bag but it's a lot more £ and needs a waterproof liner.

Just for solo weekends away without a pillion.

Sorry - gone off piste on this thread into bags - love the bike and great photos. Nice of them to put armco on the trails!

I haven't been keeping up with the bag's evolution but it certainly looks like the latest incarnation. I like the size of the bag. It's not too big and not too small. I always prefer to have unused space in a bag rather than run out of room and being waterproof is a huge plus for me. So my vote is for the bigger bag. :)
Yes - I think you're probably right.

Out of idle curiosity, can you mount your bag lengthwise - so it goes along the passenger seat and onto the rack?
You could but you'd need a rear rack with mounting points for the straps.

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Had a fun ride recently around Shizuoka's Izu Peninsula.

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Great pictures. Very scenic location. Looks like things got a bit chilly in your last photo- 2 celcius is pretty significant wind chill.
Yes, it got down to zero at the lowest that night. Luckily I had my heated jacket and gloves. :smile2:
Thanks Dex, it's not hard to find good shots in Izu. :)
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