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Seen a few questions about running wires out the back. First off, that lip around the cavity below the seat is just for debris, it’s not a waterproof cavity so you can notch or drill it with out issue. I notched mine at the very back center. Now, from there (point A) to where you want to go on the back (point B) is a different issue. Best way - usually - the shortest way to out of sight then to where you want to go. Here small plastic wire clamps are your best option, self stick ones or screw mount are your preference or usability (if you CAN screw them down). Yea, then you DO have wires running in places outside or just on top of parts of your bike... Well, hidden in plain sight works best, as in most cases the sub plastics are black; so here, you have a couple of choices. Paint wires of the sections you can see flat black with spray paint for plastic before you run the wires. Paint each wire (that need it) then gently twist the single strands together. Or use braided cable sleeve AND wrap it with black electrical tape, wrapping the cable armor dose a couple of things, first; even more protection and second; helps keep it clean. Or use heat shrink tubing, if using this. Get yourself some good leather gloves and carefully run the wire and shrink the tubing, just pressing and holding it in the places it needs to conform till it cools a bit.If you do this while it’s still “hot’ the wire will conform and bend around sharp corners better then after it cools.

Out the new back door I cut.

Even with the electronics that control those lights it’s not that noticeable.


There are other holes/gaps in the plastics that you can run wires through with out cutting the plastic ridge.

Both will get you out from under the seat.
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