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I recently discovered the limits of traction in a left hand corner on a fireroad. Wasn't a high speed crash, but did go down with a pretty good thud. I just wanted to let the AT community see how well the Happy Trails Nerf Engine Guards (as they call the product) stood up. I could not be more happy. Pictures attached.

It will take a bit of sanding and paint, and good to repeat! The bars were not bent or twisted. A very ADV experienced ride lead said he was extremely impressed with their performance. Also, there is no fairing damage at all. It also slid on the rear passenger peg. Obviously the stock hand guards were a complete fail, which I knew they would. With Xmas just haven't had the coin to replace yet. Well, now that is a must. Oh well.

Bottom line these crash bars are right now on sale for $254.95 (if I'm not mistaken) and honestly think they will suit most crash situations. Plus, keep a bit of weight off the bike compared to other types. This day I actually went down twice, second time in deep sand, and was able to pick up the bike by myself both times. Unlike a fellow rider that day on a much accessorized AT and admitted, then demostrated with his own crash, he can't pick up his AT on his own. Now obviously, we are riding off road with our bikes and I know that, and just did, I will put er' down. So weight is a concern for me and felt these might be sufficient and be lighter. So far so good!


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