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M3 tpms

I have used the M3 TPMS for 16k miles this year. This gadget is very reassuring.
You can watch the displayed tire pressures change with visible tire temperature change.
There is an alarm for pressure outside set up psi or temp limits.

Made my own mount alongside a Garmin Montana GPS. It shares the same
unswitched power from an Eastern Beaver power board, with a miniature
12v to 5v step down transformer for he TPMS. So always on, negligible power drain.
Lights up when I first move the motorcycle.
(I usually remember to remove the Garmin overnight, it draws much more power
than the TPMS. But, not loosing my map view during brief ingnition off is convenient.)

Currently about $50 US.

There was some fogging after riding in rain for three hours. Cured by carefully sealing joints with clear silicone and black tape.

I added a small bracing bracket between the screen and my RAM mounted strip to reduce shake and save the factory mount bar.


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