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Inside.. 2 more big boxes.

Front wheel.

Rear wheel.

and here.. a view of the inside of the rim.

Black everything as you can see.

The Kineo hub and bespoke brake disc carrier system (one or two for the front wheel and a single carrier for the rear) enables straightforward installation the original stock/OE (or OE compatible aftermarket) brake discs with no modifications required and ABS sensors are also installed as originally designed. Brake disc carrier components are supplied in a Black anodised finish.
Basically, you swap over your existing Brake Discs and ABS rings from your existing wheels onto your new Kineo Wheels.

Kineo wheels are supplied with a specific 8-pin Cush Drive which is completely external to the rear wheel hub. This feature is entirely independent of the wheel and has its own a double-row bearing to support the radial load induced by the chain to supplement the wheel's two integral bearings. Cush Drive and Sprocket Carrier components are supplied in a Black anodised finish.
Unfortunately their arrival comes just before a week away.. so, I wont be getting them fitted until my return. First week in March all being well.
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