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My African Tiwin was feeling kind of jealous... I picked up a 2023 Honda GoldWing Tour DCT this year, and she is kind of jealous. After my ride on the GoldWing Sunday, I figured I need to take the African Twin out for a ride too...
Cloud Sky Tire Wheel Land vehicle

So of course, she is feeling left out.. Well, after my ride yesterday with my friend on his new KTM adv bike, I figured my African twin needs to get out and go for a ride.

Today, I put 50 miles on her. She was glad that she finally got some attention and was able to get out of the garage...
Cloud Sky Mountain Ecoregion Natural environment

I have left my house and am heading up to Lyndll Ut, and then to Leamington. I took the road heading from Leamington heading to Oak City, Ut. This photo is heading to Oak City.

From Oak City, I took the road heading towards Holden, and then turned off at the Clay Springs Road.
Cloud Wheel Tire Sky Vehicle

Here I have turned off on the Clay Springs road heading back towards US-50. Jumped on US-50 and headed back home.

50 Miles total. The temps on the ride were in the mid 50's. I had heated gloves. If I had a 12v plug for the heated vest, the ride would have been perfect. It was fun getting back on the African Twin agin..

They are both great bikes.... Love the DCT.. Thinking of a touring bike, I went down the Harley Davidson rabbit hole. In the end, it was why do I have to do all of these mods to keep my same price as a Honda Gold wing cool??? Bigger oil cooler for the engine, brackets to raise the fuel tank for air flow. Brackets to extend your foot pegs so there is more air flow around the engine.. I like my DCT African Twin. I wanted another touring motorcycle that was a DCT also. Honda Rebel??? we'll maybe, but Gold Wing... OK.
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