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Tool Box

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What are your thoughts on the AT tool box? I think its a good idea but wondered what tools you get and is there any room in there for other stuff/tools. Is it easy to access?
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Someone clever will fit the allen screws with a turn handle of some kind to make the box more accessible.
I bought the SW Motech EVO racks and a tool tube. I've had the tool tube on a few bikes and it's a handy out of the way place for a fuel canister, extra keys, tools on longer rides, etc.
I've used the SW Motech Tool Tube on a few bikes. If you have their racks on the bike it's a cinch to add - simple hardware. I've used two on my Varadero since it has underseat exhaust.

I have extra keys, zip ties, a few crescent wrenches and simple tool kit, allen keys, rubber gloves, tire patch kit, and some duct tape in one side. The other I use for naptha/camping fuel or gasoline.

I'm pretty sure I can get one on the lefthand side of the bike on the AT.

I do also have a tool tube, so would like to know where others put their's!


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Yes, I'll have the racks next week some time. The bike... no idea. Still no word locally as to when the bike will arrive at the dealer or if I'll actually be far enough up the line to get one right away.

Can you post some shots of the racks once you fit them? Cheers.
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