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Tool Box

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What are your thoughts on the AT tool box? I think its a good idea but wondered what tools you get and is there any room in there for other stuff/tools. Is it easy to access?
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I do also have a tool tube, so would like to know where others put their's!
Ive just tried to rummage through the tool kit again and agree it is pretty poor, once you open it up and take the measly selection of tools out (there's not even a spanner for the front and rear wheel nuts in it! wtf!) you then need a degree in origami to get the tool pouch back in the plastic holder! and nothing else will fit in it. I also flapped the battery cover up and its well fiddly to get to the terminals! hopefully I wont need to ever remove them! tight as a nuns you know what! so now got some sockets in the top box for any such requirement. I think they would fit under the seat though so that's where I will move them to. But it would prove useful for keys and credit card as a secret compartment though as already mentioned.
Still lovin the bike though now on 220 miles!
I like the idea of stashing a tow rope/ratchet strap in there as your right there's only enough room for one and hopefully you won't need access to it lol!!!!
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1 - 4 of 43 Posts
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