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Tool Box

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What are your thoughts on the AT tool box? I think its a good idea but wondered what tools you get and is there any room in there for other stuff/tools. Is it easy to access?
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This afternoon I explored the 'toolbox', in a word it's crap. You can get all the tools into it and close it, but the rattle is annoying. Also I wonder too how long it will be before the tool set coalesces into a rusty lump as there is no apparent seal and the box is in an exposed position. The access as previously mentioned is not good, 2 dark-coloured allen bolts hidden above some gaps & traps, drop the bolts and you may have fun finding them. I'm beginning to understand why my KTMs cost more than the AT.

Stuff a rag or 2 in there and the rattling will stop.:wink2:
Hi Drum Dog,

Thanks for the suggestion, but I fear the box is not waterproof, and a rag will probably act as a sponge and keep the tools wet longer, at least that's my read of it.

I haven't seen a AT in real life yet so you just taught me something. If it isnt waterproof then I see your point.
1 - 2 of 43 Posts
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