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Tool Box

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What are your thoughts on the AT tool box? I think its a good idea but wondered what tools you get and is there any room in there for other stuff/tools. Is it easy to access?
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If it really is that much of a pain to get off, might it not be a good location to put things like spare keys and a credit card and things like that on a long trip in a small dry bag? Not sure the average thief would even know to look in a 'secret compartment' like that.

+1.......The toolbox is near worthless as a toolbox, but you can put a few essentials in a ziplock bag. Not sure I'd trust a key or credit card in there, but some spare fasteners, zip ties, roll of electrical tape, fuses, etc. Might even put a Twinkie in there. Could save my life. :wink2:
I crash way too much, too not have my Bumont tool box with me at all times......
I have a Multi-tool, a tube patch repair kit and some JB weld in there.
41 - 43 of 43 Posts
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