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Top Speed

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Just curious after watching the video from TheCrumble on a AT's top speed. I think I saw 187 kph (about 115mph) but will they go any faster?
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On my DCT model:

Bike says: 56kmh
Zumo says: 51kmh

Bike says: 120kmh
Zumo says: 112kmh

Bike says: 155kmh
Zumo says: 143kmh

Don't know what the top speed is, but 155kmh is more than enough on the autobahn with these idiot Audi BMW drivers tailing me. I've got enough power to pull away quickly even at 150kmh in 6th gear and change lane when it comes to that.
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The idiots are not only Bmw or Audi drivers ,
The idiots are even in small cars .
Nah small cars are usually no bother tbh. You rarely see one of those fast Golfs who'd wanna mess. The regular small car can't handle to catch up once our bikes accelerate away. I only notice Audi and BMW mostly.
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