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Touratech Pannier Racks, Kreiga Platform Mount, Kreiga OS 32 Dry Packs

Today, I continued to add weight to my already heavy 2017 DCT...

Added the Touratech pannier racks, a set of Kreiga platform mount pannier plates and the Kreiga OS32 Dry pack soft pannier bags.

Install took about six hours, but I was not working at a furious pace. Lot's of fiddling about with alignment and stuff.

Also decided to delete that passenger pegs. No one is actually crazy enough to get on the back of a bike with me, these days.

The Touratech rack system was pretty straight forward to install. I would give Heed a couple of points ahead of them on fit; I had to bend a couple of the tabs on the back cross brace mounts to get a perfect fit. Did not have to do this on a much more complicated product (Heed Bunker Crash Bars), yesterday.

The Kreiga mounting plates are a thing of beauty; many different options on how to set them up on the Touratech rack (most of the day's fiddling.) Gives the option to carry bags or RotoPax fuel tank easily. One complaint; the mounting screws are a Torx 30 drive; one more tool to keep handy. My favorite thing while mounting them: The black clips actually stick to the bars when you put the supplied foam inserts in. This makes positioning the mounts and checking fit easy.

The bags are substantial and look to be completely water proof. There was some time consumed in figuring out the best strap routing, but they look to be very secure, yet detachable with a reasonable amount of fuss for evenings in a motel.

Youtube video on rack mounting was helpful:

Maybe tomorrow the Bark Busters, Throttle Lock and USB power port go on.

Some pictures attached for your amusement...


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