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Hello forum, after a long time since I bougfht the T-Rex engine guard (cage) for the 2017 DCT ,finally I tried to instal it,man it was hard solo instalation by myself and without center stand, many bolts and nuts and connections , the instalation video is short , 3 page instalation instruction is for professioanl instalers , but several hours later gives you good feeling , specially the bike looks a little chobier which i like.I am writing this to ask you about the torque specs for one of the nuts ,it is per video 24 MM , on the right side behind A PLASTIC COVER right a little above and behind the rear brake pedal, i donot even know what is that nut for , but it seems that it is attched to frame. can any one please some one let me know about the torque for this.i would look in the owner manual , but do not know the name of the nut .
Thank you
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