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New on my 2017 DCT and I really like it! Just had the 600 mile service done. Not certain if this particular quirk occurred to anyone else before or if I get to name it after me.
First noticed it making a sharp turn to the right at a traffic light. Bike was in D, somewhere around 10-15 mph as I turned sharply up the road. BOTH the traction light and the ABS light began to blink in unison; engine was stuttering as the Traction control cut in; as I straightened up and traveled in a straight line both lights continued to blink! After 100 ft or so I pulled over and stared at them (no effect) wondering what this meant. I then shut off the ignition (forgetting to shift to neutral), waited a few seconds and turned it back on; restarted the engine and all was fine with the world. I rode off with no further drama.

This has happened several times now. It always starts when I'm turning sharply but not every time; traversing rough pavement seems to bring it on more often. It's like hitting bumps while leaned in a turn messes with the wheel sensors.

Today as I tried to go for a ride it happened again an hour into the ride. I was only making a U-turn on a closed road. Both lights, no power. This time cycling power did not reset it and as I tried to ride off the Traction control wouldn't allow power or shifting.
I shut it off, waited a minute, scratching my head figuratively inside my helmet, then restarted and as I took off both lights webt out.
I decided I'd better head home and avoid any tight turns.
Along the way the ABS light began blinking but I rode on until I got home.

My AT will be making a trip to the dealer sometime in the near future but since he's so busy (2 week wait time) I have time to try and seld-diagnose. This would be easier if I had a manual but the one I ordered is still on back-order. :mad:

Any ideas?
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