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Trevor Hedge’s Africa Twin Test Day Two

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It’s day two of testing for Hedge and he’s still sticking with the DCT Africa Twin with road tires and full luggage setup. Since the test period lasts for four days, the last two days will most likely cover an off-road ready Africa Twin but for now he’ll have to navigate the 50 road/50 off-road trail from Hamner Springs to Christchurch on the street AT.

Day one was filled with praise for the DCT system but on day two, Hedge did come across a situation where a conventional clutch may have performed better. It was during a tight turn on very loose gravel when the AT’s tyres had trouble finding purchase. Normally, he would have controlled the bike with the clutch while riding the rear brake but with the DCT, Hedge had to put his foot down for the turn. This was his only DCT complaint and could probably be rectified with a nice set of off-road tires.

One interesting point he’s brought up is the fact that the Africa Twin does not run on tubeless tires and the spoked rims are not meant to be paired with a set of tubeless tires. You may have to change the rims if tubeless if what you want.

The Africa Twin uses 310mm brake discs and Nissin radial four-piston calipers for excellent braking power. Like any other ABS systems, the AT’s ABS doesn’t do well with deep corrugations while braking but it’s unobtrusive and reliable otherwise and it can be disengaged for the rear wheel if needed.

Other than those two concerns, he ended the day on a pretty good note with the bike’s impressive ergonomics. 500km ride and he was well supported by the seat with plenty of space for his knees since the bend of his knees ended below the upward tank curve. So that’s good news for anyone taller than him.

By now the 4 day long test ride should have ended so we could be seeing his third post soon.
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