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Canadian Silver DCT

Habit and routine are a big part of riding. Not having those controls available certainly would be weird for a while when riding. These testers only have a few hours or days to get used to something that is already automatic in their brain - shifting gears and using a clutch.
I bet with time and some distance it becomes second nature just as it was before.
I really wish that in Canada the DCT bike wasn't the silver and was the black or red. I would buy either but can't bring myself to 'enjoy' the silver.
I'm sold on the concept and function of the DCT - it makes sense.

I just bought the silver DCT at the Toronto Motorcycle Show a few weeks ago.
I'm not really keen on the silver either but once I'm riding it I don't think Ill care.
Pisses me off that Honda always puts restrictions on the North American bikes. I would love the Tri Colour HRC. Maybe I'll get a wrap for the bike in either the Rothmans Racing colours or the HRC Tri-colour. It almost makes me feel like saying if we can't have what Europe gets....stick em. But that would be like cutting off my nose to spite my face...not to bright. We can always buy new plastics from Europe as well and have our wheels and bars anodized....Can't wait to get it, but apparently it won't be here until late June or July. I've got an 04 Ducati St4s ABS with 15,000 km / 9000 miles on it and an 06 CBR1000RR with 10,000 km / 6000 miles that I'm going to sell to make room for the Africa Twin.
21 - 22 of 22 Posts