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Does anybody have a trip master they would like to sell??
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Yeah I have one, but it's the German #306.

Don't think I have use for it. I have looked at installing in, but after careful thought, I really can't be bothered ripping up the crash bars and the fairing for something I have no use for.

Make me an offer if you're interested.
I know they went for around £200 on eBay.

Doesn't come with the book tho, the book is it German. And I'd like to keep it, even tho I don't read German.

Was hoping to offer around £100 - £150

Understand you would be better with E bay!

Thanks for the reply.
You're close to the number in my mind.

Give me £180 plus shipping and it's yours.
Thank you, but £150 is all I have in the slush funds at the moment.

In a month or two I will probably have built up the funds.

If you still have it for sale then (hopefully) I will purchase.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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