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TT On Gravel Two Up

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Was doing some TT testing on gravel with my wife today. First the rear suspension was WAY too soft. Got bounced around pretty good. Once I was satisfied the rear was stiff enough I thought to try all the TT settings two up. The most TT was really rough and bad. Seems just a tad smoother than single but still uncomfortable at full throttle. The mid setting was nice and smooth. No rough quick stop start like max TT. I really did not feel the rear break loose and acceleration was much quicker than I thought it would be. Min was also good and I did feel the rear break loose a little but not enough for the rear to slide around.

I was very happy with the test and glad I got a better feel for the bike. BTW, we did about 75 miles of all gravel. A perfect and beautiful evening to ride such roads and no bears, deer, but only one bird that tried to penetrate my right chest at 70 mph! That one will leave a mark
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Guessing you cranked the preload to max? I haven't tried riding two up yet but as balanced as it seems with just me I think lots of added preload would be called for two up. I'm really impressed with mine on dirt roads, even deep sand is great. No rear abs and zero or 1 on Traction control. Full TC is awful on any loose surface or hardpack dirt, two bars is alright on hardpack but it kicks in frequently.
Sorry about the TT, I meant TC!
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