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During my search for a heavier shock spring replacements I've noticed Hyperpro actually offers two versions of the +20mm shock spring....(as well as the stand height spring and the lowering spring, for a total of four (4) offerings)

Part #SP-HO10-SSB032
Hyperpro - Shock Spring Kit (Purple other colours available) (Recommended Kit - Raises height by 20mm & eliminates excess sag)


Part #SP-HO10-SSB035
Hyperpro - Shock Spring Kit (Purple other colours available) (Rasies Ride Height By 20mm - For Use With Luggage/Heavy Loads)

I've contacted both the manufacturer, and one of their main sellers by email. Each recommends a different spring for my application . Go figure? Wish they'd have engineers answering tech questions instead of salesmen. The touratech guy I spoke with isn't sure which one comes with their "Heavy duty " kit :(

Other than the minor difference in the wording of the two descriptions....
My question is:
Would anyone have specific information or experience on the differences between these two +20mm springs? If you do share could you please indicate which of the two you have or are referring to. Thanks so much.

I'm riding a DCT, skid plate ,crash bars, centerstand, panniers. raised bars lower pegs
Tall guy,100Kg with gear usually 10-15 kg in the panniers, Experienced rider, 75% paved roads, 25% fast gravel roads, forest roads and the occasional trail/single track. Nothing terribly hardcore.
very occasional 55kg passenger
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