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Hey gang,
I did this same little trick on my last GL 1800 Goldwing. It's pretty simple. Most of you that have tied your AT down or, trailered it, and or, any of you that have tied down or trailered a Honda GL 1800 Goldwing, know that to secure the front, you need what's called: Soft ties for wrapping around the forks on the triple clamp. Then, hook onto those soft ties with your tie-downs. Well, yep, that works, no doubt about it. But, for reasons not important on the AT side of things, I fabricated some small brackets that were secured by the lower triple clamp bolts on my Wing, that had hole in them, that I could simply run the hook of a tie down right into.

That eliminated the need for soft ties. Well, I just fabricated some up for my '18 AT/AS DCT machine. They're basically the same as I used on the Wing only different. One thing I had to make sure of, just like on the Wing, was that once in place, I had to make sure that as the fork/front wheel and tire, was swung from lock to lock, that the little brackets would not interfere with anything or have a clearance issue. On the AT, the only real potential item that could collide with one of the newly installed brackets is the horn. So, I compensated for that.

But, as you see in the pics, they're quite simple. They're nothing but, some 3/4" x 3/16 x 2 3/8" long flat stock. The holes are drilled precisely for the two clamp bolts. Then, a lower one is drilled of the appropriate size, for the hook on your average tie down. I bolted them on and then, used a large cresent wrench to grab on to the lower part and tweak it out just a slight amount. That does two things. One, it helps create additional clearance for the horn when the bars are swung to a full left turn. And two, by design, the bend allows for the tie-down to pull straight in line, with the bracket instead of TRYIN\G to bend it as the tie down is cinched down.

I did that little bend to both sides, even though the one on the right side didn't really need as much. Now, I know, I know, why do this if soft ties work? Well, just because I could, that's why. And, as stated earlier, it simply eliminates the need for soft ties. If you transport your AT on a regular basis for whatever reason and, you're happy with soft ties, great. But, if you think you'd be interested in this little bracket assist system, they're really simple to make. If anyone's interested in the construction of them, let me know and I'll send a drawing with dimentions. See what ya think.


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