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U-lock Dimensions

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Do any of you guys who already have their AT know what dimension u-lock will fit the AT?

I ask because I need to buy a lock for insurance... :(

Many thanks.
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I meant "fit under the seat"...

Why not using a disk lock, smaller than an U-lock. However not sure if a disk lock will be accepted by UK insurance. Here in NL they are both accepted; minimum ART4 NL certified.
Insurance companies in the UK accept both disk locks and u locks as long as they meet certain standards so similar to your ones I guess.

I was thinking that with a u lock I might be able to attach the bike to immovable objects to be a little more secure. But to do this you need a larger u lock which might not fit under the seat...
Better to use a chain lock, which I also have. However very heavy and bulky. You need a topcase to carry the lock with you...Life is not easy. In daily practise I use the disk lock.
Disk lock - trouble if you forget. Did forget once. Thank you, no more disk locks for me.

Chain lock - practical and easy to use. No need for top box. Fixing it around grab handles will do just fine.
I'd check that the difference between your quote with physical security devices is enough of a saving over a quote without them to be worth it. Back when I lived in the UK, I found that the differences in quotes weren't actually substantial. Though YMMV.

I've heard all kinds of nightmare stories about people's bikes being stolen while they popped into a shop for 5 minutes for a chocolate bar and can of pop and insurance companies not paying out because the owner had declared that it would be secured with a chain while unattended and it wasn't.

That's not to say that you shouldn't use security devices, but I'd recommend that you only declare them to the insurance company if you really are prepared to attach them every single time you turn your back from the bike. If declaring them only saves you 50 quid a year, I personally don't think it's worth the hassle.
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I agree . the less you commit to the less angle they have to play with when you claim .
Yes, good points guys. I'll get some requotes!

My other half rides horses and once had both her saddles stolen from the horse yard. Unbeknownst to her the small print on her insurance had changed slightly between renewals and because she hadn't told them the exact value of the saddles they only paid out around 20% of the value. So I'm familiar with their low behaviour but hadn't factored that into my own process!
I've battled with security options over the years, and now I simply just wrap a big old chain and lock around the crash bars. No need to have to remember it when I leave home and the key is always with the bike's ignition key

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Did u get a u lock for under the seat and if so what did you get
No - I didn't end up buying one. Mainly because the insurance company I used weren't insisting on a lock but also because I needed the room under the seat. For such a big bike there is an amazing lack of space to put anything unless you farkle the thing!
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