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The AT lost to the GS in pillion comfort...but the AT is a one rider kind of adventure bike.
.....well my wife seems to totally disagree with that verdict, she says that it's the best bike she has ever pillioned on and she's been on a few.....Varadero, Blackbird, MV Brutale, etc.......
You actually made your wife pillion on a MV Brutale:laugh:>:):wink2:

The Africa Twin must feel like a Gold Wing to her:grin2:
...wrong again....very comfortable. You've got to remember that most of the so-called touring bikes are extremely wide in the pillion seat which means, if you pardon the mental pictures, means your partner has to spread her legs very wide which means cramps and pain.

The Brutale was very narrow which makes it very comfortable over long distances. I also had it set up with a Ventura bag with a zip on backrest for her to lean on so she found it very comfortable.....also did 600k days 2-up on my F4 as well.....obviously the AT is better!!!!


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1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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