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UK Potential New AF Owner

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HI All

Potential future Africa Twin owner here. I went on a test ride on the AF today and i did very much enjoy it (more on that in the review section).

I do have a unique set of requirements for my motorcycling though, like the fact i do about 16,000 miles a year so i need to make sure the bike I get can handle it, that I can afford it and that the bike is a nice place to be for 3 hours a day. So here is your warning for lots of daft questions from me about running an AF :laugh:

To add some context to what I am looking for I have a 2012 Nc700x that I have had had from new. It now has 64,000 miles on the clock, has cost very little to run, had very little go wrong with it and has ridden through all weathers and still looks in very good condition. If the AF can give me a fraction of the above but with the added bonus of some more weekend frivolity i'll be rushing to my local Honda dealers

Anyway thats my long intro, looking forward to finding out more about the AF to inform my big decision
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Well you'd better get off to your local Honda dealer then, :smile2:

I had 4 hours in the saddle yesterday ,and it was a hoot :grin2:
I wholeheartedly agree. I only had 45mins in the saddle but I loved it

Just trying not to let my heart rule my head and making sure I know all the facts before I sign on the dotted line :)
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