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Just fitted a pair of Mitas E07+ to my ATAS - not ridden it yet but those 2.25 and 2.8 bar pressures just feel way too high to me.. The tyres are so thick, you feel that they could run on 10psi if you tried (but not without a rim clamp).
Has anyone run them at a lower pressure?
1-up pressures for 2017 standard model are F/R 2.0/2.5 bar 29/36 psi.
Pressure is tyre and use dependant.
TKC80 are soft. I’ll not go below 25psi front & rear - bent the front rim 3x on rocks.
Mitas E07 are much stiffer tyre. I’ll go as low as 22psi f/r. Lower on rear (15psi) if I desperately need traction but I’ll air up when I hit firmer ground.
80+ kmh on hard pack forest service roads only needs one nasty embedded rock or deep pothole to bend a rim or cause a pinch flat if pressures are too low.
For me 25/25psi works pretty well with Mitas E07, E07+ and E10 Dakar. If pounding pavement I run 2/2.5 bar 29/36psi F/R.
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