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Having now had the 2018 AT CRF1000A almost 3 months, I have learnt how to clean, measure and adjust the chain tension and alignment to spec. Very finicky task and even though the indents are great I used a Vernier gauge to assist in getting each side the same.

I have been gaining riding experience slowly and found that in the mirrors I had to always lean my head a bit to see if cars were behind since my elbows appeared in half the mirror. So I added chrome Fire Rider mirror risers and have been very pleased with the better view. I could find no torque setting for them or the mirror base bolt so I settled on 20 Nm. I do realize that if I drop the bike the mirrors are now outside the protected BarkBuster guard and will probably break.

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The chrome mirror riser fitted quite easily and moved the mirrors 45 mm further out.

I added a brake lever extension from AltRider and it has fitted perfectly and lets me get to the back brake easily. Since I am unlikely to do much dirt initially I have not fitted the small block for when standing up.

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The AltRider brake leaver extension.

I also have a few questions but I will post them in the accessories area. One question relates to the above lower crash bars.

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