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Upper crash bars and central stand.
Both from SW-Motech.
Common tools used, 2 cup of coffees and a bit of experience (amateur level).
Took me about 30m for the central stand and about 2h for the crash bars.
(Its nice to have a friend help you for several reasons 😜)

First impression:
  • Easy to mount (you don't need to pay a garage for mounting).
  • Central stand very balanced and really easy to lift the bike (rear wheel 2cm off the ground - when bike is parked central stand doesn't rest on side stand - I will try to follow up with a short video on how the center stand behaves on the move).
  1. - Crash bars solid with nice finishing. RHS and LHS distances almost equal (les than 5mm, not visible with naked eye).Detailed manual.

Overall happy !!


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