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USA Dealers Calling Customers to Place Orders

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Hello People, I have an update to share. I live in Columbus OH area and my dealer called me to take the order details once again. The dealer informed me that Honda has started accepting orders in USA and they will be placing mine either today or tomorrow. Dealer also informed me that the order placement window is for 5 days, which to me is strange. Not sure why Honda would pen the order books for just 4 days. Anyways, long story short ... I am looking forward to get my Cheetah (Honda AT) very very soon. The dealer also informed me that he will let me know the estimated shipping date as soon as he has it.
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Just got a call from my local dealer with the same news. He said orders are open till Feb 6th and both the standard and the DCT will be available in Red or Silver. We are assuming the red is the Rally. He also had no info on a ship date or quantities allowed. This is great news as I was not even hoping to see mine till May or June.:smile2:
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Hope we have ours in possession by end of march at least ... Happy Riding Fster
I hope I don't get mine until May or June! lol (have another bike I need to sell first, as the trade-in they'll pay for it if I can't sell it myself is pretty depressing!)
Sorry! For those who are interested I got a Red DCT (I'm old)
I got the Red DCT and I am Young ;) ...
A Rally Red DCT for me too.>:)
Red DCT and at heart I'm an old man, but look about 12 if I shave :)
Red or Silver as long as DCT

I'm sure which ever color I get it will NOT be the one that everyone wants 10 years from now. So instead of choosing I'm just going with which ever one comes in first.

I usually like high viz colors so I'm easier to see and also if something bad happens they can find me a little easier. But I do kind of like the silver better. I think the Dakar is a little to showy for me. I know, it makes no sense, but at my age I it's OK.

I do wish we could get the red/white/blue color scheme. It seems silly not to offer it in America.
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You'll get the silver then! It seems like they're being delivered to dealers first.

I've been pretty mean about the silver, but you're right that it's a smart looking bike in that color if you're happy to blend in a bit more.
RED DCT !!!!

... I'm getting old, but I still wanna look good!
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I too got the call today. Dealer placed the order for my old-man Silver DCT. Upon deliver think I'll add some slight high-vis reflective green/yellow pin striping. I was first on the list last August 2015.

Told him I was planning on going to the Phoenix Motorcycle show Feb 20/21 to hopefully see one in person and sit on it. He responded "hopefully you'll be sitting on yours before then". He is anticipating a quick release. Hoping for "tomorrow", preparing for June.
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lol... if my dealer gets me one within the next month I'm going to have to accept their ridiculously low trade-in on my current bike as I'll never sell it in time.

That said, despite the ruinous financials involved in that, collecting my bike soon does appeal to me on many levels!
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Ordered a Rally Red DCT today. Next step: in March the dealer said Honda NA releases the official ETA for the bike to be seen in the dealership. The dealership is way behind the information on the various AT web sites.
Received an e-mail from my dealer, they have placed my order and had a discussion with honda. They could not get a confirm answer from them and were told that the shipping might start sometime in May ... now thats a bummer .... by the time it arrives half the season is gone
I ordered my AT DCT today

Dealer sales person called today, stating the dealership had to order the only order of 2016 Africa Twins they would get this year. So, I ordered AT DCT this morning. Told by salesperson the bike would arrive between the middle to end of May. She did price the Africa Twin DCT, but she stated the dealership still had no pricing on accessories.
It's sounding like May will be US delivery then. My birthday is in May!
May is actually good for me I don't have the money for the bike yet!

Talked to my dealer today an he said Honda is to release info in March on order details and maybe shipping dates. I have already had to much time to think about this bike, I changed my color from Rally to Silver.
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