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2017 DCT
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While looking for a cheap 1/4" drive T bar (that I ultimately did not find), I came across this mostly useless gadget and was immediately sucked in to it's vortex. It is a magnetic, digital angle gauge that appears to read out in either degrees or %.

I am imagining fooling with sliding my front forks up 11.5mm to lower the front end, then dialing back the rear preload a bit until I am at the same loaded level position that I currently am at with the forks in the stock position and the preload cranked to max.

The goal of this foolishness is a slightly lower riding positon. (29" inseam, already have a low seat in the low position.) Potentially a lowering link could be in the future, as well.

I thought it might be convenient to be able to pick a spot towards the center of the bike on the gas tank, and see what loaded angle changes any messing with preload, fork position, or lowering links bring about, with an idea of maintianing the currently sweet working steering geometry that I have dialed in. All without bothering my wife to hang out in the garage with me and take tape measurements while I sit on the bike.

Looks like you can zero it at whatever angle it is stuck at, then see changes, relative to that angle. $28 tossed to the wind, but maybe amusing.

Besides, it looks kind of cool stuck to my tool box...

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