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Do you seriously think every single engine is red-lined in the factory ? They pick a few engines at random and may test them to destruction, but they do not abuse any customer bikes coming off the end of the production line. All bikes are put through a full systems check, run it through the gears, but that's it. This myth of all engines being flogged when new is just that, a myth.
Yes I do! I spent 2 days at the Triumph Factory in Amarta City, Chonburi and every bike spends about 5-7 minutes in the test booth with much of that time at the redline, clutched and clutchless changes up and down the gearbox. I was shocked but it was confidence inspiring that they had no concerns in thrashing the engines, I pointed to the running in sticker on the tank and asked why is running in necessary given the manufacturing tolerances and custom matching of piston rings, valve shims, etc. to each individual engine? That answer was a wry smile from the engineer but more telling is that I was not given the bedding in parts answer.

I can only speculate that running in for modern engines today is more to do with safety and liability that any engineering reasons. It gives new riders (especially the less experienced ones) time to get used to the bike also if there are any manufacturing defects that got past testing they will manifest at low speed once again increasing safety and reducing liability.
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