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What do U use while cleaning the bike?

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Just curious if you guys use elbow grease or a power washer to clean the mighty beast?
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In Oz, there's a neutral truck wash called CT-18. Interim washes I'll apply watered solution with sprayer, let sit for 15-20mins, and then flush off with rainwater, that's it.

For deep cleans I'll follow up truck wash with wipe washing with car wash, rinse with rainwater. Rarely use chamois afterwards as the rain water is mostly spot free. Ive rarely ever used pressure washers on bikes, not to date on the AT, yes it's been muddy.

Maybe annually, I'll apply wax polish to tank and plastics, and Mr sheen (silicone spray) windscreen to polish out scratches.

I've always sprayed chain with WD-40 (some say better to use inox but I've gotten long life out of chains), wipe off, then when dry apply chain wax.
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