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What do U use while cleaning the bike?

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Just curious if you guys use elbow grease or a power washer to clean the mighty beast?
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I use both the hose and bucket method, and the power washer with a wide angle nozzle. I use pretty much any car wash soap that is on sale and sometimes I will add a degreaser to the pressure washer for the dried on chain oil. I use a t-shirt soaked in warm soapy water and drape it over the windshield for 10mins to loosen all the bug parts that have been baked onto the front of the bike. Compressed air to help get rid of the little water pools and run the bike for a couple mins after as well. I don't go too into detailing my bikes, I just like to get the extra mud and debris off them before I go an do it again. I do not own any polish or compound waxing products. 😁
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