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What do U use while cleaning the bike?

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Just curious if you guys use elbow grease or a power washer to clean the mighty beast?
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Definitely not a power washer, they force water in to too many parts where it doesn’t want to get out. Some thing like WD40 or GT85 on the greasy bits (with a toothbrush), then if I am feeling rich I will use a standard bike cleaner (like Muck Off) and a low pressure hose to get most of the dirt off, then a bucket with hot water and some washing liquid (the type you use to clean dishes) and a sponge, then rinse with the hose and wipe dry with a cloth.
Usually I apply some ACF50 to metal parts after all that.
Cleaning brake calipers and special parts I remove and clean with specific cleaner or solvent.
To clean the chain I use a cloth and some paraffin.
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@kserz So THAT’s what an AT is supposed to look like 😂 👌🏻
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