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Well I have done several things since iI got my AT,

This could be a long list .

I have managed to buy most of the parts on the used market so saved myself loads. I did`nt mind waiting for them to become available I was not in any rush.

not in any order here ,

1st I got myself a fender extender , real carbon fibre too
2nd Grip puppies , large hands were getting cramp , solved that
3rd tourertech screen , lower than std and much prefered by me
4th rear hugger
5th shad panniers
6th givi top box from previous bike
7th kick stand enlarger foot worth every penny of £6 from china
8th givi lower engine guards
9th 2018 end can , much nicer than the 2016 and sounds better too
10th brand new wheels from Mr Honda under warranty
11th aluminium chain sprocket guard annodised red
12th supersprox red stealth
13th hyperpro rear spring
14th garmin satnav mounted above speedo as usual
15th 12v waterproof socket fitted in oem location
16th honda aux light switch fitted ready for lights
17th speedohealer ( not AT specific ) fixed it perfectly just took a little fiddling to calibrate
18th galfer front pads
19th air dam again worth its cost
20th and last my Niece`s sticker ( mini rossi ) on my sump guard , keeps her happy .
21st forgot the dashcam ....

Well that really was a lot more than I had thought I had done.
Saving for new tyres next still on the oem .



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Looking good
#20 was probably the most important thing you added I m guessing :LOL:

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I think that yes it does work well, it keeps the road grim down to minimal not sure how it would hold up to deep mud off road. I`m sure its made by pyramid and was quite easy to fit.
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