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What's the Diff?

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I notice that the DCT upgrade only costs $700 in the USA, which seemed to be a bargain compared with what I remember previous generation DCT's costing when I live in the UK. So I went to both web sites and the difference is quite noticeable... In the UK DCT costs 800 pounds (1129 dollars) and in the US just 700 dollars. A difference of 429 dollars or 304 pounds. One small difference is that the UK DCT price will be inclusive of 20% VAT, but the US DCT (out the door) price will vary taxation wise between states - but typically 5-7%; so small change overall. So what do you think the primary reason is for that noticeable difference, when the retail price of the standard bike is relatively similar between countries?
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In Euro the difference is 1000 ?.
Depends where...
It's a 1120eu add on for the DCT.
300eu for the Tri color or Rally Red.
It all adds up, but I got an ok 6.5% discount on the entire bike, so pretty much DCT got thrown in for free.
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