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What's the Diff?

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I notice that the DCT upgrade only costs $700 in the USA, which seemed to be a bargain compared with what I remember previous generation DCT's costing when I live in the UK. So I went to both web sites and the difference is quite noticeable... In the UK DCT costs 800 pounds (1129 dollars) and in the US just 700 dollars. A difference of 429 dollars or 304 pounds. One small difference is that the UK DCT price will be inclusive of 20% VAT, but the US DCT (out the door) price will vary taxation wise between states - but typically 5-7%; so small change overall. So what do you think the primary reason is for that noticeable difference, when the retail price of the standard bike is relatively similar between countries?
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That's about USD $880 thought it would be cheaper in Japan, funny (not) that the US gets everything cheaper than the rest of the world.
Maybe that's the premium the rest of the world pays to have it before us... :grin2:
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I was quoted $14,620 OTR in New York for the abs/manual version.
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