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.........James: I was interested to read your order list of farkles for your yet-to-be delivered AT. How did you decide on Bumot panniers? This is a brand i wasn't familiar with. Did you choose hard or soft? Cheers, Pete.........
Hi Pete,

I prefer to go with smaller manufacturers because they tend to try harder to make more innovative/robust products in my experience. Its too easy to go down the mainstream supplier route and the results are not aways as one would hope.

Bumot have a good reputation when you research them and read about real rider experiences with their products. The panniers lock on the bike and can be easily removed/unhooked after you unlock them. Bumot have a bunch of other extras available like liners and organisers that fit inside plus a lockable tool box option.. The Panniers are powder coated inside and out. They are robust and watertight/dust proof (according to users reports).

I chose Bumot's 'Defender' Pannier system: (supplied by ADV-Motorrad, NY, USA) although they are made in Bulgaria.
  • BUMOT Defender Pannier System - CRF1000L Africa Twin, Size: 40L/36L Colour: Black 1 $USD 1079.99
  • BUMOT Top Case Mounting Plate - CRF1000L Africa Twin 1 $USD 99.99
  • BUMOT Defender 25L Top Case, Color: Black 1 $USD 379.99

I selected the 40L/36L – (17.7” x 16.2” x 9.1) Panniers because I feel the larger size would be too wide/bulky and would have more space than I require anyway. I tend to find that the bigger the available space the more you find to put in it!
Initially I have ordered the 25L top box for local use. Before my next big trip I'll order in a 41L top box that pops onto the same mount as the 25L box.
I also liked the idea of the optional toolbox that fits to the bike on the left (on the inside of the pannier frame) but have decided that more fuel has a greater priority, so will fit a Camel Tank in that space adding an extra 6L of fuel to the bike taking up to around 25L. That should increase range to well over 500km with full luggage he said... hopefully! ;)
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