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Riding 40 years. Owned 30 bikes. Done some courses off road and on tracks. Advanced training with the police. Trained many others myself. And lead maybe 50 ride-outs around the world. Wrote an eBook thriller with lots of bike action in it (called "04:15"). I'm a global moderator on another forum. And I follow all types of world level motorcycle racing.

What I’m seeking…

It’s where my heads at. I want my bike to be very comfortable, smooth, have good ergonomics, decent looks, build and reliability; to work well as a genuine all-rounder (including some dual-sports / fire-trails riding when the mood takes), be affordable and something with potential to please beyond initial years of ownership.

Why the AT…
- Suspension is apparently excellent, providing a very smooth and comfortable ride
- Honda build quality and reliability is legendary, so it should go forever
- Incredible frugality claimed, giving a useful large tank range
- Good looking machine, with angles that definitely grow on you - it looks purposeful
- Adventurous rally scheme graphics; bold & characterful for a Honda
- 270 degree firing order gives the exhaust a characterful bark

Why DCT…
- DCT version is generally voted better by the journo's, especially off-road
- Super smooth seamless changes with the DCT, ideal for two-up touring
- Manual mode provides quick and pro shifter type functionality

- A bit low on power (95 hp and 70 torques), but sprightly at real-world speeds and stable at 3-figure speeds.
- A chain drive bike, but maintenance is much lower than it used to be


Hopefully I’ll be very happy with the bike, which in theory arrives 3 weeks today – here’s hoping!
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