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I think it is rather strange that a huge manufacturer like Honda
Not having a wind tunnel
Japanese are rather short so i think they are not aware off the problem
i lastly got a third-party wind screen on my 2019 DCT
and it even solved the problem i had with moisture in the instrument housing
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Hello all,

I've had extreme buffeting and wind noise problems, as well. I have a 2019 AT (not the AS). I'm 6'3" with the seat in the high position. Similarly, I've considered selling my bike many times.

I was hoping to see that someone had found a magic solution to this, as I know that some of you have spent a bundle trying to fix the problem. I'm intrigued by DFB's solution, and wonder if he developed it further. I wonder how Wavshrdr
found the MadStad vs. the MRA Vario Touring screen.

I wear custom ear plugs and good helmets (Shoei RF-SR and Arai Vector II). However, the wind roar is immense, particularly with side winds. I have swapped out the cheek pads on the Shoei for thicker ones, use a chin curtain, to ensure the wind isn't entering in these locations.

I have the SwegoTech Fork Dam and a 20" Madstad (the middle size). I put them on at the same time, so I don't know which one helped more, but they both dramatically improved the buffeting and noise. However, it's still very bad, particularly on windy days with cross-winds.

I can't really tell where the turbulent air is coming from. I've tried moving my hands all over the place, and around my helmet (thinking it was coming off of a back vent or something), scrunching up my jacket, tucking in behind the windscreen...feeling up high, to the sides, down low. I dunno.

I find the MadStad works best for me when it is as vertical as I can get it, and as low as it will go. This makes me think that a wider screen at the bottom would be helpful -- the MadStad is far wider than stock, but maybe even wider would help.

I have temporarily attached stiff cardboard (from the inside of a three-ring binder) with spring clamps, to the lower SIDES of the MadStad Screen, and I do think it helped. The cardboard projected out about 1.5" or 2", widening the screen by 3 or 4". I was tempted to attach the adjustable air louvres (spoiler deflector) to the sides, as well to further test that theory. (I would first attach my Camel screen brace, as I'm sure that there'd be far too much stress on the OEM brace.

I'm considering drilling new holes in the MadStad to mount it lower (to get more screen WIDTH down lower), which might shift the air coming from around the fairing, past the mirrors and signals. Then, I'd add an adjustable louver at the top to compensate for the lost height of the windscreen. I've even considered making my own windshield, by curving a thin plywood form, and laying a piece of acrylic on top, and gently heating it.

I have some Puig handguard extensions to try when they arrive, which wrap around the existing handguards, giving about 1.5" more at the top and bottom. Also, I am waiting for mirror extensions to get the mirrors out a little wider (I needt these anyhow, as 50% of the mirror is used to see my shoulders).

I love the bike, but it's the noise that's making me not like it! My hearing comes first!

Failing a wonderful fix tor the noise, there was a beautiful Yamaha Super Tenere for sale at the local shop... but I'm sure they have their noise problems, too.

Any ideas/solutions are welcome. I'm not ready for a Gold Wing, but I do admit I like the Honda Gold Wing F6B...
I've ridden naked bikes, but I haven't tried the AT without a screen yet...maybe that's the solution.

Thank you to you all, and happy riding.
Great comments Bill. Like you I have come to the conclusion that it is screen width that helps, and that's why the Madstad works to make matters better but not perfect. I too think that an extra 2 inches either side would improve matters more and I asked Madstad if they would make me a special screen. IIRC they said they might but it would be 400 dollars which was a lot to risk on an experiment. I too bought the Honda winglets and temporarily fastened them in various positions to no effect (and then one flew off and I lost it 😄.
However, I suspect you need to revisit your ideas on height and tilt. In my case the screen is tilted quite a bit - there's a huge gap at the bottom but air doesn't seem to rush up. (if you blow up the pic with the castle you might get an idea of how tilted my screen is) Now I am 5'10 but with shortish legs. I still don't think my trunk length would be close to yours, so I'm surprised that you are using the 20" blade which is what I have got. if you are running it at the lowest position your helmet must be clearly in the airflow, and then all you can do is hope to make that more streamlined (a vertical screen will make it worse), and mess around with earplugs and helmets. Just how critical the height thing is was brought home to me last week when I got the bike back from the dealer and there was a load of buffeting and noise. They hadn't touched my Madstad screen, but they had put the seat back on in the normal position (I run it in the low position). That 20mm excess height made the airflow knock my helmet about much more.
When I sit normally the top of the screen is about 2 inches below a line between my eyes and a point on the road 30-50 yards away. I wear a peaked helmet, and this set up is good - I get no flies on the visor, or road spray, so the airstream must be going over the top (and it's a messy top to the Nolan). The remaining buffeting is definitely coming round the sides and interfering with the mirrors then hitting the base of the helmet. I'm going to have a go at fixing this over the next few weeks (The swegotech doesn't work for me by the way and the vario lip might have worked but it's right in my eyeline and distracting. I even tried the vario lip fastened to the sides - it didn't work but it was a botch up and I think the clean lines of a wider screen would help.


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O had an absolutly roar that was driving me crazy. Bought an other helmet Shoeberth c3 pro but still defening. Teied the higher AS screen on my crf1100 but did not make any difference. Then i placed the puig spoiler on my std low screen and that is what did the trick. Finally can hear the engine and exhaust!! View attachment 73595
Thanks for the response @mprkunenborg, and welcome to the Forum!

Feel free to introduce yourself at the New Member Introductions area of the Forum.

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I have now a longer windshield from honda and it rides way better than the short version. The short version you can't pass 120km/h without filling it everywhere. With the longer shield and few other oem deflectors it drives way better on higher speeds.
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