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Zeta DRC fender eliminator 1100

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I installed the DRC fender eliminator. Took awhile to remove the turn signals from the factory fender. They were a bear to get into the new part, but I did it dry. Probably should have used some Spray Cleaner Polish or SC1 to lube them up.

The blinker wires aren't very long like the tag light wires so it's a balancing act getting the bolts and spacers started. I put a drop of CA and just bonded the spacers to the plate to save myself the trouble.

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Looks good, just wish someone made them in Alu or Stainless, not sure how steel would hold up here in the salt air and salty winter roads.
Is there any weight difference?
I didn't measure. The steel plate is compact and feels heavy, but it's still lighter than the bulky rear plastic fender bits. I would guess a pound or so lighter.
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